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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of change, demanding rapid and far-reaching social and economic adaptations – and the global construction sector has not been immune. Asite CEO Nathan Doughty explores how we can adapt to survive and thrive with a deeper insight into the UK’s Roadmap to Recovery.
In this webinar, academics from RT-381 discuss change and the need for agility in the capital project industry and share success and failure case studies in other industries. This webinar also offers CII members an opportunity to learn how to engage in this research project as team members.
CII Research Team UMM-01 presents its findings on facility standardization in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining Sector, originally scheduled to be part of the 2020 CII Annual Conference.
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CII in general is really an extension of my past experience, both academic and professional. It exposes me to a lot of great leaders in the industry and keeps me current on the issues that we face. It allows me to pass that along to my peers at NASA.

Keith Britton


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Members report saving nearly $5 for every dollar spent on CII's Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). It's tried and true: Implementing CII's Best Practices eliminates waste and improves productivity.
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CII's Project Definition Rating Index tools have a benefit/cost ratio of $24:1.

CII is the only organization in the country that has a focused benchmarking program for capital projects in the healthcare industry. Understanding the metrics used by our peers in facilities construction has proven to be extremely valuable to our business.

Ralph Rodriquez

Kaiser Permanente

If we can save $50K on 20% of the $250M in construction that we award each year, we would save $1M each year - much more than what we currently invest in benchmarking. With CII, we can do this."

Walt Ennaco

Smithsonian Institution