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In our final entry for Construction Safety Week, we take a holistic view at CII’s daily commitment to safety.
Taking a proactive approach to worker safety can decrease the frequency and severity of incidents. This entry provides tips on how to find and address construction hazards before they become problematic, so you can make your workers safer.
Construction work is inherently dangerous, but that doesn’t mean injuries and fatalities are unavoidable. Read about the four most common construction hazards and tips to prevent incidents.
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I've spent a lot of effort searching globally for proven best practices. There is no entity that comes close to what CII has to offer. As an SME in cost, I have many new tools and concepts - yet there is still so much to learn and I can think of no better place to do that than in CII.

Chris Kinney


Your Budget Matters
Members report saving nearly $5 for every dollar spent on CII's Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). It's tried and true: Implementing CII's Best Practices eliminates waste and improves productivity.
Did You Know?
CII's Project Definition Rating Index tools have a benefit/cost ratio of $24:1.

If we can save $50K on 20% of the $250M in construction that we award each year, we would save $1M each year – much more than what we currently invest in benchmarking. With CII, we can do this.

Walt Ennaco

Smithsonian Institution