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Second Quarter 2020

COVID-19 blog series

Our COVID-19 blog series features contributions from CII members offering contingency responses related to safety, shutdowns, and supply chain impacts.

COVID-19 webinars

CII’s free webinars cover industry topics and responses to COVID-19.

Watch recorded events and register for upcoming webinars.

Register today for Interface Management: Project Benefits, Results & Restarts.
July 22 at 11:00 to Noon (CDT).

CII Online Education

CII’s Executive Leadership Program

Work with award-winning, approachable faculty to find solutions for today’s business challenges and construct a comprehensive toolkit of the major functions of effective leaders.

Operating System 2.0

We are taking a different approach. You need to be involved.

Operating System 2.0 Industrial Affiliates Program (OS2 IAP) conducts research aimed at defining new ways of doing business in the capital projects industry. The goal is to unlock untapped value that today’s engineering and construction industry simply cannot access.

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This Quarter, CII Welcomed Four New Members

logos of new CII member organizations  

What will happen to the CII research teams that were scheduled to present on stage this summer at the (cancelled) CII Annual Conference?

In coming months, each team will add an “on demand” video to its page in the CII Knowledge Base:
woman holding a laptop
  • The Technology Committee’s “Path to the Future” team’s presentation will be ready next month.
  • The AWP Virtual Summit (September 1-2, 2020) will feature four CII Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) research teams.
  • The Collaborative Scheduling research team’s recording will be available by this fall.
  • The PDRI for Mining Projects presentation will be ready in October.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events.


AWP Research Virtual Summit: An Advanced Work Packaging Research Report-out to Industry. Presented by CII and Group ASI – September 1-2

2020 Fall Board of Advisors Meeting – November 4-5, Austin, Texas

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