Building Back Better: The Logic and Value of Industry Sectors February 10, 2021

As governments around the world look to new and rehabilitated infrastructure projects as a way to stimulate their economies coming out of the pandemic, CII's sectors are addressing specific challenges and opportunities in their capital projects and programs.

Succeeding in the Next Normal August 7, 2020

A word on the current and future economics of our industry.

Data Dependency May 1, 2020

When the CII Data Warehouse launches this fall, it will be the breakthrough that our industry requires.

Important Information about the CII Spring Board of Advisors Meeting March 13, 2020

CII leadership has decided to postpone the CII Spring Board of Advisors meeting next month, in St. Petersburg, FL.

Why Be a Member? (Part 2) February 3, 2020

In Part 2, Dr. Mulva lists key benefits that your organization can realize from being a member of an industry association.

Why Be a Member? (Part 1) September 4, 2019

Dr. Stephen Mulva lists top benefits that you can gain as an individual by being a member of CII or CURT.

Unconventional Wisdom July 4, 2019

Leading companies must consider what is next.

Program Thinking: Pathway to Our Industry’s Future April 4, 2019

Our industry can embrace program thinking as a highway to a successful future.

Digital Structured Project Management December 4, 2018

Structured Project Management Methods

Next Generation Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) September 4, 2018

A Message About Next Generation Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)