Outstanding Academic Award


  • Full-time or adjunct faculty at an accredited college or university program are eligible for consideration. Has served in the role of principal investigator or academic advisor.
  • Nominations can be submitted by any CII-sanctioned team, standing committee, CBA, or sector. Self-nominations are not acceptable. Final selection will be made by CII Staff.

Award Selection Criteria

  • Exemplary demonstration of the academic’s commitment to CII’s mission.
  • The academic has made an important contribution to a recently completed CII initiative that has the potential to significantly improve the construction industry. Contributions are considered to be innovative, particularly effective, or otherwise meriting special consideration.
  • The academic has  actively and regularly participated in team meetings and has demonstrated leadership and support.
  • The academic has worked to ensure the quality, completeness, and timeliness of team deliverables.
  • The academic’s excellence is recognized by knowledgeable team members.
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Awad Hanna (2022)

Academic long dedicated to construction research, engineering education, and leading CII research teams

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Thais Alves (2021)

Helped lead her team to consider scheduling methods beyond the industry’s standard by evaluating collaborative methods.

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Bryan Franz (2021)

Worked to understanding how supply chain practices could be destroying value in power, utilities, and infrastructure capital projects.

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