Outstanding Student Award


  • Full-time graduate students at an accredited college or university program are eligible for consideration. Self-nominations are not acceptable.
  • Nominations can be submitted by any CII sanctioned team, standing committee, CBA, or sector. Final selection will be made by CII Staff.

Award Selection Criteria

  • The student has made an important contribution to a recently completed CII initiative that has the potential to significantly improve the construction industry.
  • The student has actively and regularly participated in team meetings and has supported or performed team tasks.
  • The student has worked to ensure the quality, completeness, and timeliness of the team’s deliverables.
  • The student’s excellence is recognized by knowledgeable team members.
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Chuanni He (2021)

Innovatively applied Information theory analysis to reveal industry trends in collaborative scheduling.

More Information on Chuanni He
Jong Won Ma (2021)

Praised for being extremely proactive and excellent at ensuring that his team adhered to its agreed-to process.

More Information on Jong Won Ma