James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership

Each year, CII honors an individual who exhibits the traits and leadership qualities that James B. Porter, Jr. is known for. This award was established in 2007 as a tribute to Jim Porter, who was instrumental in establishing Fiatech and whose vision, leadership, technical acumen, commitment to people, and tireless efforts have advanced the capital projects industry.

Award Selection Criteria

Criteria for the Porter Award include the following: 
  • Significant technology contributions to the construction industry (i.e., through innovation, effective implementation, business impact, and mentorship).
  • Demonstration of the highest degree of personal dedication to the development and advancement of technology within the capital projects industry. (Describe in detail.)
  • A leadership position in the construction industry from which others can be influenced by example, mentorship, or direction.
  • A record of accomplishment that brings distinction to the recipient and the organization with which he or she has been associated.
  • Nominees cannot be active on the CII Executive Committee, or part of the current or past CII staff.
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Burcin Kaplanoglu (2022)

Recognized industry technologist, innovator, thought leader, and co-founder of the Oracle Industry Lab

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Carl Haas (2021)

From RFID to digital twin, this dedicated educator and researcher pursued how technology could improve construction projects, especially in the areas of technology, automation, and robotics.

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Deborah McNeil (2019)

Process engineer, people leader, and technology believer offered the highest levels of dedication and commitment to projects at Fiatech and CII, ultimately helping Fiatech merge into CII.

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John Fish (2018)

Change agent whose relentless pursuit of "a better way" led to decades of technological improvement in the capital projects industry.

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Zuhair Haddad (2016)

A role-model champion for successful new technology implementation who not only embraced technology, but defined its value so his company and others could receive that value.

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J. Peter Blake (2015)

Visible advocate for technology advancement, led Fiatech and other industry organizations with a level-headed, pragmatic approach to defining the clear benefits and value of implementing new technologies.

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