John Fish

The 2018 James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership was presented to John Fish of S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. and Ford, Bacon & Davis.

John also spent 22 years in the Army Reserves, where he developed a data centric training system using an Osborne computer with DB-II. At work, John used this computer to develop a Document Management System. This became the root that grew into a state of the art fully integrated Project Information Management System supporting engineering, procurement, materials, and construction.

John has represented S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. and Ford, Bacon & Davis at CII since 1994, when Jimmy Slaughter assigned him to RT-113, the team that developed the first PDRI and alignment tools. This was the start of a long journey on several CII teams for improving the Front End Planning process, including serving as a guest lecturer for the CII Best Practices course at the University of Texas.

At Ford, Bacon & Davis, John helped to initiate low-cost 3D design software, making it possible to use 3D design on small projects and use conceptual models for Front End Planning. He assisted in the implementation of laser scanning, clash detection, the use of tablets, touchscreens, and 3D plastic printed models for conceptual visualization and operator training.

John is known as a change agent whose primary role is to explore the technology and best practices horizon challenging the status quo and searching for a better way. In 2005 John joined Fiatech to initiate a program to fully digitize the manufacturer and supplier data. John is active on CII’s Fiatech Sector Committee which leads the global development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life cycle of capital assets. After 53 years in the industry, John is still pushing project improvement with his tireless efforts to advance the capital projects industry.

Join us in recognizing John Fish, the 2018 recipient of CII’s James B. Porter, Jr. Award.