Zuhair Haddad

The 2016 James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership, was presented to Zuhair Haddad of Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). CCC’s origins go back to 1952 when three talented young entrepreneurs, joined forces to create one of the first Arab construction companies.

After decades of growth, CCC continues to practice a management style based on mutual trust with clients, ease of communication, and smooth collaboration across locations and departments. The CCC Group has expanded to include several subsidiaries, augmenting CCC’s regional and international status. Today, CCC leads the industry in the adoption of new technology to improve construction efficiency and enhance project controls.

We consider Zuhair a role model champion for successful new technology implementation. Not only does he embrace the technology, he defines the value within his company and they implement the technology that gets value.

The additional value to those of us in the industry is that Zuhair is willing to have his organization share that experience (successes and failures) with the rest of us. He and his team have been inspirational supporters of the PAT Team Success Enabler Survey work that will allow us to share what we know with everyone in the industry.