Gerald H. Greene

Gerry H. Greene is the second recipient of the Richard L. Tucker Leadership and Service Award. In the judgment of the Executive Committee, he meets or exceeds all criteria. Because of the leadership role he played in a critical juncture of CII and because of the outstanding contributions he has made as a role model for others, he makes an excellent choice to receive this prestigious award.

Gerry Greene began his association with CII as a Board representative from the Procter & Gamble Company in the early 1990s. By the mid-1990s, he was serving as chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee. He was elected to serve as the Chairman of CII in 1998. Little did he realize that the ensuing 12 months would be among the toughest served by any chairman in the history of the Institute. The retirement that year of CII’s first Director, Dr. Richard L. Tucker, would throw a challenge at Greene that he would later describe as one of the most complicated activities that he ever imagined he would lead a group through. Over 120 resumes were submitted, a national executive search firm was hired, and Greene personally interviewed the final eight candidates face-to-face.

That transition was made even tougher because of Tucker’s vision for CII, his love of the industry, and his expertise in research had all combined to bring CII to the forefront of engineering and construction research. With the selection of Ken Eickmann as the new Director, however, Greene, the Executive Committee, and the CII staff were able to build the foundation for a bridge to the future. Greene’s other initiatives during his term included creating the focus for the “value added” benefits of being a CII member; the creation of Implementation Champions; introduction of the three-year budget plan; and globalization forums on China and Brazil. He also strengthened ties with the President’s Office at The University of Texas at Austin.

Greene retired from the industry, but pursued a “late blooming” career in law, graduating from the University of Dayton Law School. Upon graduation, he and a law professor devised a course to help law graduates pass the Bar exam and increased the law school’s passing rate dramatically. He now works pro-bono for Legal Aid in the Cincinnati-Dayton area, and is deeply involved in helping the less fortunate and the abused to better themselves in society.

CII takes great pride in selecting Gerry Greene as the recipient of the Richard L. Tucker Leadership and Service Award. He is a fitting example of all that the award stands for. Congratulations to Gerry, his wife, Kat, and their family on this momentous occasion.