John W. Dalton, Sr.

The CII Executive Committee has selected John W. Dalton Sr. as the eighth recipient of the Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award. Mr. Dalton has been a model for outstanding service to CII, both for his employees and for other CII members. His dedication and contributions to the CII mission make him more than deserving of this honor.

If you ask John Dalton why he has been involved with CII for over 20 years, he will tell you that, in all of his 37 years in construction, he has never seen any organization that better understands the importance of linking academia to industry. Whether during his many years as a senior executive at Bechtel, or more recently in his role as Executive Vice President at Mustang, John has promoted the use of CII research to develop and implement corporate strategies and work processes. Indeed, since 2005, he has assigned Mustang employees to 33 research teams and four communities of practice.

In 2009, John served as Chair of the CII Executive Committee, playing an instrumental role in the development of a new strategic plan for CII. He has also chaired the Globalization and Finance Committees, and co-chaired the Nominating Committee. As a past member of the Membership Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Executive Committee, and Annual Conference Committee, John has a deep and broad understanding of how CII works. Recently, he has been involved in expanding the role of the Academic Committee as part of his involvement in an industry-wide initiative to strengthen the bond between industry and academia.

Keenly aware of how much student engineers need to understand the industry’s specific processes and unique business demands before they start working, John values CII’s contribution to the nation’s engineering curriculum—particularly the CII Best Practices course. In addition to using CII principles and practices to establish effective training, mentoring, and knowledge transfer programs at Mustang, he serves on the advisory boards of the engineering programs at four leading universities: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Agricultural & Mechanical University, University of Houston, and Arizona State University.

John is also a leader in other industry organizations, including the Engineering and Construction Contracting Association and the National Construction Forum. He is also regularly asked to speak at conferences and national meetings, having recently addressed the International Construction Innovations Conference, and the China Global Construction conference, among others.

It is with great respect and appreciation for his personal integrity, his vision for the future, and his dedication to the industry that CII recognizes John Dalton as the 2011 recipient of the Richard L. Tucker Leadership and Service Award.