Melissa Herkt

The CII Executive Committee is pleased to name Melissa B. Herkt as the ninth recipient of the Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award. Herkt has been a model of outstanding service to CII, both for her employees at the PlantWeb Solutions Group of Emerson Process Management and for other CII members. Her contributions to CII, her dedication to the industry, and her unflagging spirit of good will make her more than deserving of this honor.

Herkt has been actively involved in CII programs for the past 11 years, having served on the Board of Advisors (BOA), Executive Committee, and in leadership positions on the Research, Membership, and Nominating Committees. Also, as the 2011 CII Annual Conference Chair and a regular participant in the CII Executive Leadership Program, she has consistently and enthusiastically been willing to lead and inform others about the benefits of CII membership.

Before Herkt assumed the post of President and COO of PlantWeb Solutions, the firm’s CII participation was limited primarily to attending BOA meetings and the annual conference. Since that time, her commitment to CII—carried over from her previous employment at GlaxoSmithKline—and her passion for establishing project management and project execution excellence has meant that Emerson has become much more involved in the CII mission. The firm is now represented on the Executive Committee and regularly assigns participants to research teams, standing committees, and communities of practice.

It goes without saying that Herkt is held in high regard by her friends and peers. She has established lasting relationships with people from other CII member organizations and has created partnering relationships that have not only benefited Emerson, but the entire industry. Over the years, she has demonstrated her drive to continuously improve the industry on several levels. At the personal level, her good humor and sense of purpose and accountability inspire the people who work closely with her. Across the organization, her stamina and optimism inspire confidence. And her personal integrity and professional accomplishment have earned her the respect of her fellow industry executives, the most distinguished of whom inducted her into the National Academy of Construction in 2009.

Herkt’s involvement with CII has spanned her career in two companies: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Emerson Process Management. She began participating in CII activities in 2001, as the Board of Advisors representative for GSK. In 2004, CII named her Outstanding Implementer for her work to establish project management principles and to conduct training across GlaxoSmithKline’s global organization. It is with great appreciation for her remarkable service to the institute and tremendous accomplishment in the industry that CII recognizes Melissa Herkt as the 2011 recipient of the Richard L. Tucker Leadership and Service Award.