Steve Cabano

Steve Cabano is the President of Pathfinder LLC, a leading consulting firm in the projects industry. Steve brings more than 30 years of project expertise to his clients. When he served as CII Chair in 2019, the Board of Advisors relied on his advice and leadership across CII’s most important initiatives.

Steve has been Pathfinder’s Board representative since the organization joined CII in 2006. He has been a member of several CII research teams and served on committees as diverse as Benchmarking, Implementation, and Strategic Planning before chairing the Executive Committee. 

Lately, Steve has been instrumental on helping position the engineering and construction industry for the future. As CII’s Chair Emeritus, he has supported the idea of a wider industry alliance and championed that intiaitive with CII, CURT, ECC, and other leading groups.

CII members, staff, and volunteers have all benefitted from Steve’s involvement and leadership. The secret to Steve’s success is how supportive he is of people in our industry. It’s what makes him such a great leader. It’s also what makes him such a great and unanimous selection for the Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award.