CII Distinguished Professor


Full-time or adjunct faculty at an accredited college or university program are eligible for consideration.
Self-nominations are not acceptable.

Award Selection Criteria

Exemplary demonstration of the individual’s commitment to teaching published CII research with emphasis on the following:

  • Incorporation of published CII research findings in courses over the previous three years.
  • The plan for introduction of new CII published research topics each year.
  • Contributions the nominee has made to the development and deployment of CII initiatives, programs and services.
  • Aspects of the courses taught by the nominee considered to be innovative, unique, particularly effective, or otherwise meriting special consideration.


Dr. Yong Kwon Cho (2018)

Georgia Institute of Technology

More Information on Dr. Yong Kwon Cho
Dr. Vineet R. Kamat (2017)

University of Michigan

More Information on Dr. Vineet R. Kamat
Dr. Amy Javernick-Will (2016)

University of Colorado Boulder

More Information on Dr. Amy Javernick-Will
Dr. Kristen Parrish (2016)

Arizona State University

More Information on Dr. Kristen Parrish
Dr. H. David Jeong (2015)

Iowa State University

More Information on Dr. H. David Jeong
Dr. SangHyun Lee (2015)

University of Michigan

More Information on Dr. SangHyun Lee
Dr. Carol C. Menassa (2015)

University of Michigan

More Information on Dr. Carol C. Menassa
Dr. Ali Mostafavi (2015)

Florida International University

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  • W. Edward Back
  • Mounir El Asmar
  • Paul Goodrum
  • Brian Kleiner
  • John D. Borcherding
  • John E. Taylor
  • Sanjiv Gokhale
  • David Grau




  • Fernanda L. Leite
  • David E. Gunderson
  • Jochen Teizer
  • Stuart D. Anderson
  • G. Edward Gibson, Jr.
  • Janet K. Yates
  • Carlos H. Caldas
  • Paul S. Chinowsky
  • Jesús M. de la Garza
  • Sanjiv Gokhale
  • William J. O’Brien