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3D Printing: Opportunities and Challenges in the Migration to 3D November 22, 2021

In this webinar, experienced presenters share their experience in implementing different 3D printing applications in construction projects, utilizing 3D printing models, and how academia is teaching 3D thinking.

Fall 2021 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Katy Johansson November 11, 2021

We are excited to present Katy Johansson with the Spring 2021 CII Distinguished Service Award!

Final Report 370, Workforce 2030: What You Need to Know Now About Your Future Workforce November 1, 2021

The team pursued its investigation across the areas of Technology, Workforce Skills, and Workforce Culture. The presentation is now available on YouTube.

Upcoming CII REP Offerings - Now Through March 2022 October 26, 2021

A Number of Courses, Workshops and Webinars Are Being Offered by CII Registered Education Providers.

AWP Overview and Engagement October 20, 2021

TEN20⁰ Executive Growth Program October 18, 2021

CII's newly launched TEN20⁰ Executive Growth Program. Register for the January 2022 class.

New Funded Studies Committee Member October 4, 2021

Please join us in welcoming our newest Funded Studies Committee member, Todd Sutton. 

Planning for the Future with Modularization and Offsite Construction September 8, 2021

Learn about the CII Modularization Community for Business Advancement's currently active research topic on the future execution strategy for industrial capital projects.

CII 2021 Outstanding Academic Award and Outstanding Student Award August 16, 2021

CII is happy to recognize Dr. Thais Alves and Dr. Bryan Franz with the Outstanding Academic Award. CII is excited to recognize Chuanni He and Jong Won Ma with the inaugural Outstanding Student Award.

CII 2021 Outstanding Volunteer Award August 15, 2021

CII is delighted to recognize four Outstanding Volunteers. Each one has made an important contribution to a recently completed CII initiative that has the potential to significantly improve the construction industry.

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