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CII 2022 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Bob Nussmeier August 1, 2022

We are excited to present Bob Nussmeier with the 2022 CII Distinguished Service Award!

CII 2022 Outstanding Volunteer Award August 1, 2022

CII is delighted to recognize Dario Rigaud with CII's Outstanding Volunteer Award!

CII 2022 Outstanding Academic Award and Outstanding Student Award August 1, 2022

CII is happy to recognize Dr. Awad Hanna with the Outstanding Academic Award - and Dr. Bing Han with the Outstanding Student Award!

CII 2022 Leadership Awards July 27, 2022

Join us in congratulating recipients of the 2022 CII Leadership Awards: Anne Ellis, Edd Gibson, and Burcin Kaplanoglu!

Upcoming CII REP Courses - Now Through December 2022 July 26, 2022

A Number of Courses, Workshops and Webinars Are Being Offered by CII Registered Education Providers.

CII Data Warehouse Two-Project Challenge June 16, 2022

Construction firms must adopt new strategies and processes to remain competitive in this rapidly-evolving market. The Data Warehouse is a unique benchmarking and research platform that can provide answers.

Webinar: MCPI: Modular Chemical Process Intensification June 1, 2022

More on the work of CII RT-373, a collaboration between the CII and the RAPID Manufacturing Institute®, a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Webinar: Implementing Collaborative Contracts in Capital Projects May 25, 2022

Learn about the steps, tools, templates organization structures, and key project phases. Deliverables are presented on a phase-by-phase basis. This webinar presents information that draws upon the work of two CII research teams.

Webinar: Flexible Facility Design and Development for the Manufacturing and Life Sciences Sector May 11, 2022

A brief refresher on how to effectively move the flexible facility design process forward, supporting the speed to market that your business is looking for.

Spring 2022 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Daniel Christian April 18, 2022

We are excited to present Dan Christian with the Spring 2022 CII Distinguished Service Award!

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