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New Project: Development of an AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects June 14, 2021

CII is pleased to announce our new Research Team 390, Development of an AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects.

New Project: Setting the Foundation for the CII Resource Concierge June 14, 2021

CII is pleased to announce the academic members for our new Research Team 392, Setting the Foundation for the CII Resource Concierge.

New Leadership for the Facilities and Healthcare Committee May 27, 2021

The Facilities and Healthcare Committee is happy to announce the expert leadership of Stanley Funk and Lisa Kyriienko!

Lifecycle Triple Bottom Line Approach for Evaluating High-Performance Building System Investments May 18, 2021

The CII Facilities and Healthcare Committee explains how, ultimately, the Life Cycle Triple Bottom Line approach provides a more complete picture for evaluating high-performance building system investments.

Safety - Conscious and Convergence May 6, 2021

In our final entry for Construction Safety Week, we take a holistic view at CII’s daily commitment to safety.

Ideas to be More Proactive About Worker Safety May 5, 2021

Taking a proactive approach to worker safety can decrease the frequency and severity of incidents. This entry provides tips on how to find and address construction hazards before they become problematic, so you can make your workers safer.

Prevent Injuries and Fatalities from Common Construction Hazards May 5, 2021

Construction work is inherently dangerous, but that doesn’t mean injuries and fatalities are unavoidable. Read about the four most common construction hazards and tips to prevent incidents.

Fostering Mentally Safe and Supportive Work Environments May 3, 2021

Workers may be able to physically perform certain tasks, but mental distress and its symptoms can lead to unpreparedness, miscommunication, and distraction, which may result in injury to themselves or others. A word from Dr. Lindsay Jenkins, SVP of Strategy and Technical Operations at Urbint.

Construction Site Supervisors - Present and Focused May 3, 2021

Safety is our top priority. We kick off this year’s Construction Safety Week with a look at how supervisors can stay present and focused.

Spring 2021 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Danny Daoust and Jan Shumate April 22, 2021

We are excited to present Danny Daoust and Jan Shumate with the Spring 2021 CII Distinguished Service Award!

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