Reduce Costs with Digital Project Execution

Presented by
Glenn Boyko, Industry Consultant, Hexagon PPM
David Touhey, Global Service Line Director, Kentech

This webinar provides the best practice strategies for the digital technologies that are optimizing operations and revolutionizing the project handover process.

Adopting a digital, data-centric, and construction-led approach can optimize project delivery and the commissioning process to ensure assets are delivered with minimal delays.

Completions and commissioning handover have long been neglected as critical components of project delivery. Poor handover processes generate unexpected cost and delays, resulting in inefficient operations and safety risks. Old-school processes, outdated technology, and inadequate interoperability result in $15.8 billion losses annually*. And yet – let's face it – for most contractors and owner operators, completions and commissioning are an afterthought!

Learn how you can increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs in the monitoring, reporting, work package development, and turnover phase of your projects.

*Source: Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S Capital Facilities Industry, NIST GCR 04-867, August 2004


Date posted: December 7, 2018