CII Executive Leadership Program

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If you are looking for greater responsibilities and want to be a real contender for top capital facilities positions around the world, enroll in the CII Executive Leadership Program and develop the broader range of leadership skills needed to realize your full potential.

Time and Place
January 8-17, 2019, in Austin, Texas

CII and The University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business offer this world-class leadership program for senior executive candidates in the engineering and construction industry.

“This program is designed specifically for the engineering and construction industry, with a mix of leadership, strategy and business acumen topics to help your leaders excel.”
–Tricia Thibodeaux, P.E., PMP, Fluor

“The caliber of instruction is really incredible. Being out of the office for two weeks, you could say that’s a liability. But actually you get so much more. The cost is absolutely miniscule. Whether it’s a financial cost or a time cost, it’s miniscule next to the value of what you bring back to the organization.”
​– Dr. Stephen Mulva, CII Director

Previous offerings of this intense nine-day, custom-designed program have been highly rated by attendees, providing industry leaders the enhanced capabilities and strategic business acumen they need to excel.

Course Objectives

This program’s innovative curriculum is comprehensive and integrated – designed to enhance strategic business knowledge.

  • Fine-tune your business acumen, develop executive leadership capabilities, and enhance your strategic business skills to enrich your company’s culture while supporting the drive to enhanced profitability.
  • Gain financial know-how to readily recognize where value is created in a capital asset business.
  • Build positive collaborative relationships among your peers across the capital facilities industry representing owners, contractors and suppliers.
  • Benchmark on best practices and network with leaders from both owner and contractor companies.

Who Should Attend

Business unit leaders or potential rising leaders with 10+ years of experience.

To maximize benefits from this program, we encourage sending multiple participants to increase the impact across your organization.

Register for the CII Executive Leadership Program today!

We look forward to seeing you in the CII Executive Leadership Program of 2019!

Date posted: October 12, 2018