CII Announces New Research Teams - Participation Opportunities Available!

The CII Funded Studies Committee has developed three new research topics. The new research teams will begin in July of 2019. Follow the links below for the full topic statement. All teams are still accepting team members. Please contact Kristi Delaney at for details on participation.
RT-370: Modeling the Composition of the 2030 Workforce
What skills-related factors (mainly related to technology) are envisioned to drive the composition of the 2030 field workforce? How can companies plan more strategically for expected changes in the composition of the 2030 workforce? Ideally, the answers to these questions will lead the team to develop probable scenarios for how the workforce will change between now and 2030.
Dr. Tim Taylor, University of Kentucky
Dr. Paul Goodrum, University of Colorado Boulder
Dr. Kevin Real, University of Kentucky
RT-371: Onsite versus Offsite Construction – The Impact of Offsite Construction on the Workforce
How will the 2030 workforce influence and be influenced by the distribution of construction (onsite versus offsite)? This will ideally inform near- and long-term strategies for workforce distribution.
Dr. Makarand (Mark) Hastak, Purdue University
Dr. Kim LaScola Needy, University of Arkansas
Dr. Islam El-adway, Missouri University of Science and Technology
RT-372: Smart Model-centric Life Cycle Approach to Collaborative Execution of Capital Projects
How can the industry overcome remaining barriers to adopting, adapting, and embracing a Smart model-centric integration framework so data sharing can support a more collaborative approach to developing, executing, turning over, operating, and maintaining capital projects?
Dr. John Messner
Dr. Robert Leicht
Dr. Christopher McComb, Pennsylvania State University

Date posted: June 18, 2019