The State of and Evolution of CII Research

CII research is going strong and getting better. So far in 2019, CII has done the following in regards to research: 

  • Kicked off six new “overarching” research projects. [Overarching research is the research program managed by the Funded Studies Committee (FSC) and applicable across all industry sectors.]
  • Presented five sector and one Technology Committee research projects at our Annual Conference.
  • Improved our communication of CII research initiatives.
Let us look into these accomplishments and see why each is important.

Overarching Research Projects

As always, our new research teams brought together owners, contractors, and academics to do research that will improve capital projects. These new projects allowed us to engage over 90 people from member companies in research teams – a commitment that many consider to be the quintessential CII experience.
As in previous years, all of the research topics were identified by our industry members, but the FSC also engaged Andy Hines, a futurist from the University of Houston, to help us identify the critical issues to be studied. You can see the summary of Dr. Hines’ effort here.
The Future of the Built Environment Report
The 2019 research cycle marked the first time CII organized its overarching research topics into programs. Research programs are threads of connected topics that provide continuity in research, set long-term goals, and create opportunities for innovation. You can learn more about programs here.
The Workforce of 2030 Integrated and Collaborative Delivery Cultivating Change Surviving and Thriving in a Circular Economy AI Engine for Advanced Work Packaging

Sector and Technology Research Projects

Two years ago, each CII sector committee started to conduct research projects that addressed issues that were critical to its industry sectors. More recently, the Technology Committee was charged with performing its own research related to technology. This year, the bulk of our 2019 Annual Conference presentations consisted of sector and Technology Committee research projects. Kudos to the CII sectors and to the Technology Committee!
The FSC will work closely with the sector committees to support their research projects. The intention is to provide administrative consistency and to ensure academic rigor for all projects funded by CII.

Improving the Communication of CII Research Initiatives

The FSC created a few new webpages to explain CII research. The new “CII Research” page summarizes all ongoing research programs and shares possible future topics. This page provides links to other relevant CII research pages.
CII has also made an intentional effort to promote research teams in social media. Research teams are posting their meetings to make ongoing CII research more visible. Be sure to follow us on social media.
@ConstructionIndustryInstitute @ConstructionIndustryInstitute @CiiProjSuccess

Path Forward

The Funded Studies Committee continues to improve its processes and deliver more value to CII members. The committee will continue to pursue its current research programs in the next research funding cycle. For 2020, the FSC plans to kick off new teams in the “Surviving and Thriving in a Circular Economy” and “Cultivating Change” Research Programs, which it has not addressed to date.

Tricia Thibodeaux, Fluor Corporation

Keith Critzer, ExxonMobil Corporation
Vice Chair

Carl Haas, University of Waterloo
Academic Subcommittee Chair

Chema de la Garza, Clemson University
Academic Subcommittee Vice Chair

Date posted: October 1, 2019