Webinar: The COVID-19 Workforce Challenge

The recent COVID outbreak has created unprecedented human capital challenges for the construction industry, especially as to how Owners and Contractors manage their workforce in the context of project suspensions and early termination of contracts. Balancing the required adjustments in the workplace with HR policies, while tackling talent retention, workforce planning and knowledge management is critical to recovery efforts and building resiliency.

This webinar features the key challenges currently disrupting organizations in the construction industry and presents several recommendations to help overcome workforce management challenges and envision the workforce of the future in anticipation of a post-pandemic rebound.

Slides PDF - Webinar: The COVID-19 Workforce Challenge

Webinar presented by:
Ryan Isherwood
Kevin McMahon
Riz Shah
Faiz Khanbabi

Teal Reamer

Mike Pappas, Associate Director, CII


Date posted: April 24, 2020