Webinar: Project Health Indicator Tool

Anticipate your project's performance and inform your action plans with CII's Project Health Indicator Tool, Implementation Resource 220-2.

CII's Project Health Indicator (PHI) supplements traditional performance tracking anticipating execution, and during the detailed engineering, procurement and construction phases of a project. The PHI guides the project team in assessing 43 leading indicators of project success - defined as "fundamental project characteristics and/or events that reflect or predict project health. Revealed in a timely manner, these indicators allow for proactive management to influence project outcomes."

The PHI indicates performance on eight project practices and five key project outcomes: cost, schedule, quality/operability, safety and stakeholder satisfaction.

Watch this webinar presentation to learn more about it:

Webinar Slides - CII Project Health Indicator.pdf


Mike Pappas   

Mike Pappas
Associate Director for Deployment

Gerry Sepe   

Gerry Sepe
Principal & CEO

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Date posted: August 24, 2020