Webinar: Update on CII's AWP Program

Before we get started, will you be joining your peers at the AWP Virtual Summit on Sept. 1-2, 2020?

Are you currently implementing AWP? On what sizes of projects? How would you assess your degree of maturity?

Are you familiar with CII's AWP community? Are you a member of the AWP Community of Business Advancement?

Learn about CII's Advanced Work Packaging research program and to hear the latest news on the AWP CBA's activities, initiatives and resources to deliver predictable project outcomes.

Webinar Slides - CII AWP Community for Business Advancement Update.pdf

More about Advanced Work Packaging - Education Framework.pdf

Webinar download to come.

Eric Crivella   
Eric Crivella
Director of Business Development
Digital Construction Works

Jamie Gerbrecht   
Jamie Gerbrecht
Construction Global Technology Sponsor
ExxonMobil Corporation

Mike Pappas   
Mike Pappas
Associate Director for Deployment

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Date posted: August 18, 2020