CII and MIMOSA Move Interoperability Forward for Capital Projects

CII and MIMOSA sign MOU to use the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem as the interoperability framework for CII Best Practices.

CII and MIMOSA announce their collaboration to adopt and progress the standards for an open, vendor-neutral digital ecosystem that will support data and systems interoperability in capital projects, operations, and maintenance, enabling the digital transformation of the full asset lifecycle. The MOU establishes the basis for a CII/MIMOSA Joint Working Group to develop best practices for standards-based interoperability in capital projects, leveraging the organizations’ combined strengths.

The Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE) is an outgrowth of collaboration between multiple industry-level standards developing organizations, where MIMOSA plays a key leadership role and has led the workstreams for digitalization and interoperability in support of asset life-cycle management. The OIIE OGI Pilot includes standard use cases for asset intensive industries, currently featuring an example oil and gas industry process unit.

Active collaboration has begun. MIMOSA has shared the existing OIIE Use Case Architecture and asset lifecycle management OIIE Use Cases it previously developed and validated in the OIIE OGI Pilot. CII has shared the AWP data requirements that it is developing. Next steps will begin to include CII AWP best practices in applicable OIIE Use Cases for capital projects, including jointly enhancing existing use cases and the joint development of new ones.

Organizations that participate have the potential to benefit in many ways:

  • System of Systems interoperability results in less reliance on expensive, fragile, custom integration between systems, reducing IT costs while increasing agility and sustainability.
  • Education and training to a common set of industry practices and standards provides a more flexible and efficient digital economy workforce, benefitting industry and workers alike by reducing the loss of knowledge and expertise.
  • Investment in future-proofed, vendor-neutral, interoperable data enables industry to create, capture, manage, and reuse digital information as a strategic asset throughout the entire physical asset lifecycle, deriving significantly more business value from capital projects.
CII and MIMOSA encourage interested organizations to join and participate in each association to fully support this important industry-led effort.

Date posted: July 30, 2020