July 6 Industry Update

These Industry Update topics are not unrelated: how budget cuts are impacting infrastructure, and recent robotics innovations in construction technology that could potentially pick up extra slack.

U.S. Cities' Massive Budget Cuts Impact Infrastructure
Across the U.S., budget cuts and delayed or canceled expenses for capital projects will severely hamper cities' efforts to maintain aging infrasturcture.

Infrastructure Bill Facing Near Certain Death
Infrastructure is a bipartisan issue, but the infrastructure bill's path is not an easy one through congress.

Robots Continue to Make Inroads Into the Construction Industry
Construction Dive looks at recent innovations in robotics that could potentially pick up extra slack or speed up jobsite work. 

Robotic innovations include:

  • A robotic tunnelling earthworm

  • Improvement on robot foot texture for uneven terrain

  • A robotic tool-carrier for construction sites

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Date posted: July 6, 2020