Webinar: How People and Process Enable Digital Transformation for AWP

Many AWP implementations focus on technology, when it’s cultural change that could be your biggest challenge.

We seldom discuss the impacts of people and legacy processes on the journey of digital transformation and AWP implementation. In this webinar, you will learn how two industry practitioners approached these challenges, the outcomes they achieved, and lessons learned.

  • How did your organization prepare for change?
    • How do you get beyond the “frozen middle“?
  • What was your operational strategy for deployment?
    • Top-down? Bottom-up?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • What results are you seeing from the changes?
    • People? Process? Performance?
  • What was Autodesk’s role in your transformation?
This webinar features an all-star panel of senior leadership from global industrial companies. Log in and ask questions as they share the journey of digital transformation.

Webinar Recording: How People and Process Enable Digital Transformation for AWP


Kim Arrant   
Kim Arrant
Vice President, Business Transformation

Michelle Council   
Michelle Council
Senior Business Consultant


Date posted: September 17, 2020