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FR-362 - Breaking through to Collaborative Scheduling: Approaches and Obstacles

This publication examines collaborative scheduling (CS) practices. After a high-level introduction to CS for organizations that are willing to adopt collaboration, the report offers a Maturity Model for Collaborative Scheduling (MMCS), which shows how projects can be improved by increasing collaboration across five pillars: scheduling significance, planners and schedulers, scheduling representation, goal alignment with owner, and communication. Finally, the report identifies collaboration improvement opportunities at the project level in terms of five key performance indicators (KPIs): cost, schedule, safety, quality, and teamwork.

FR-363 - Modernizing the Supply Chain and Increasing the Value of AWP

This report examines the ways capital projects could be improved by involving suppliers earlier than typically has been done, increasing the quality of orders placed with suppliers, and leveraging information systems to support both better supplier engagement and more accurate reporting. The report also introduces enhancements to Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) processes, including the Procurement Work Package (PWP) and the role of Digital Supply Chain Coordinator.

FR-370 - Workforce 2030: What You Need to Know Now About Your Future Workforce

The industry requires new approaches to developing and managing the construction workforce of 2030. RT-370 approached the challenge by examining the changing nature of construction work with evolving technologies, workforce skills, and workforce culture. This report presents the team's findings and recommendations.

FR-371 - Getting Ready for 2030: A People, Process, and Technology Roadmap for Offsite Construction

This publication addresses many topics associated with offsite construction: key technologies; impacts on the workforce, including needed skillsets; factors that affect labor productivity; and lessons learned, strategic solutions, and pain points.

The report lays out a maturity model for offsite construction and includes an Excel-based scoring tool to help organizations self-assess their readiness.

FR-372 - Improving the Data-centric Maturity of the Construction Industry

RT-372 identified the barriers to data-centric operations in the capital projects industry. It developed two Excel-based assessment tools to measure the maturity of data-centric approaches at the organizational and project levels. Finally, RT-372 developed a data-centric maturity framework that highlights how to use the tools and how to measure data-centric actions at both the organizational and project levels. This report includes two proof-of-concept Excel-based tools. 

FR-373 - How Modular Chemical Process Intensification Compares with Conventional Approaches

Modular chemical process intensification (MCPI) has recently emerged as a strategic opportunity for chemical manufacturers to gain a stepwise advantage over their competitors, but businesses are hesitant to depart from conventional methods of plant design and construction to adopt these new approaches. This report offers industry readers some economic case studies to consider when process intensification and plant modularization make sense. This project was a collaboration between CII and the RAPID Module Manufacturing Focus Area (MMFA), and the CII Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee co-sponsored this project. 

FR-DCC-06 - After the Revolution: Understanding a Decade of Change in Project Delivery Systems and Their Impact on Project Performance

This report serves as an owner’s manual for selecting a project delivery system (PDS). The authoring team identified, defined, and classified the various delivery systems currently employed in the downstream and chemicals sector. It then created this easy-to-use resource, which describes a methodology by which an owner may discern which PDS is most appropriate for a given project.

FR-UMM-01 - Achieving Higher Levels of Facility Standardization in the UMM Commodity Market, Version 2.0

This second edition expands the report to capture the findings from another phase of research and to offer even more resources for a total of two books and four Excel tools.

Date posted: December 10, 2021