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Webinar: From Behavior to Results - Finding the Path to Collaborative Scheduling Success October 6, 2020

Through a friendly competition called Scheduling Feud, RT-362 presents its findings and maturity model on collaborative scheduling. (Originally scheduled to be part of the 2020 CII Annual Conference.)

Webinar: Thriving in a Circular Economy October 1, 2020

CII RT-380 discusses the value of a circular economy on capital projects and shares how companies around the globe are already adopting circularity in their business processes.

Webinar: CII Debuts New Tool to Improve Capital Projects in the Mining Sector September 23, 2020

The authors will discuss the PDRI for Mining Projects, a presentation originally scheduled as part of the 2020 CII Annual Conference.

Construction Safety – Every Day of the Year September 18, 2020

As National Construction Safety Week 2020 concludes, we invite CII members to join the Safety CBA.

Technologies to Prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities September 17, 2020

CII continues its safety research with a study of technologies that directly support the identification of and response to last-minute changes and/or unplanned work.

Webinar: How People and Process Enable Digital Transformation for AWP September 17, 2020

Many AWP implementations focus on technology, when it’s cultural change that could be your biggest challenge. In this webinar, you will learn how two industry practitioners approached these challenges, the outcomes they achieved, and lessons learned.

Safety Measure: Save My Seat September 16, 2020

Safety CBA member Faithful+Gould introduces a helpful safety action for employees' safe return to work.

Webinar: I2PD -- A Means to Plan and Execute Capital Projects as Part of COVID-19 Economic Response September 16, 2020

I2PD is an ideal project delivery method for rapid planning and executing capital projects as government and industry relaunch the global economy.

On-Boarding for Safety September 15, 2020

We continue our focus on National Construction Safety Week with on-boarding for safety.

National Construction Safety Week 2020 September 14, 2020

Safety is our top responsibility. We kick off this year’s Safety Week with a look at results from our annual Safety Survey.

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