Keynote Addresses

Art Markman, Cognitive Scientist – The University of Texas at Austin

Art MarkmanArt Markman, PhD is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing; Director of the IC2 Institute; and Director of the Human Dimensions of Organizations Professional Institute. He has written over 150 scholarly papers on topics including reasoning, decision making, and motivation.

Markman brings insights from cognitive science to a broader audience through his blogs at Psychology Today and Fast Company and his radio show/podcast “Two Guys on Your Head.” He is the author of several books including Smart Thinking, Smart Change, and Brain Briefs. His next book, Bring Your Brain to Work, will be published in June.

– Opening Keynote Address: To Lead the Change, You Have to Be the Change

Kenneth D. Simonson, Chief Economist – Associated General Contractors of America

Ken SimonsonKen Simonson has been chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, the leading trade association for the construction industry, since 2001. He provides insight into the economy and what it implies for construction and related industries through frequent media interviews, presentations, and the Data DIGest, his weekly one-page e-newsletter that goes to 43,000 subscribers.

Simonson has more than 40 years of experience analyzing, advocating, and communicating about economic and tax issues. He currently serves on the Census Bureau’s Scientific Advisory Committee. He is a Fellow and past president of the National Association for Business Economics, and he is co-director of the Tax Economists Forum, a professional meeting group he co-founded in 1982.

Simonson has a BA in economics from the University of Chicago and an MA in economics from Northwestern University.

– Closing Keynote Address: Will 2020 Be a Year of Plenty for Construction?​

Tim Spaulding, Secretary of Defense Fellow – U.S. Air Force

Tim SpauldingCol. Tim Spaulding is working with Autodesk on corporate strategy and research. A 2001 Air Force Academy graduate, his Air Force career has spanned combat aviation, experimental flight test, and technology development and program management. After combat tours as an F-15E pilot in Europe and the Middle East, Tim attended the United States Air Force Test Pilot School and flight-tested new weapons, radars, and software for all models of the F-15. He also formed and led the team the launched the T-X Program to replace the Air Force’s fighter training aircraft.

At the end of the summer, Col. Spaulding will take command of the flight test operations group at Edwards Air Force Base, responsible for flight testing nearly all of the Air Force’s fixed-wing aircraft.

– Keynote Address: Start Paddling! Staying Ahead of Technological Change