Free Webinar: Adapting through Organizational Agility

Date:  October 20, 2020

11:00 a.m. to Noon Central

To remain successful, organizations must be able to change in a way that creates a new alignment when the environment changes.

As agility is becoming increasingly important to capital projects industry, CII has commissioned a new project, RT-381, Organizational Structures and Processes to Enable Cultivating Change. This team will address the question: What organizational structures are needed for the capital projects industry to thrive in an environment of new and increasing uncertainties and continuous change?

In this webinar, the academics from RT-381 will discuss change and the need for agility in the capital project industry and will share success and failure case studies in other industries.

RT-381 will kick off this fall. This webinar also gives CII members an opportunity to learn how to engage in this research project as team members.

Joe Labianca      Joe Labianca
Gatton Chaired Professor of Management
University of Kentucky
Hala Nassereddine      Hala Nassereddine
Assistant Professor in Construction Engineering and Project Management
University of Kentucky
Jeff Russell      Jeff Russell
Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gerry Sepe      Gerry Sepe
Principal & CEO
Daniel Oliveira      Daniel Oliveira
Associate Director for Funded Studies