CII's Data Warehouse

CII’s Performance Assessment (Benchmarking) Program was established in 1996 to obtain and evaluate project performance data. Since that time, the program has helped countless CII members and the industry. There is a profound truth to the aphorism “what gets measured, gets improved.”   

In October 2019, the CII Board of Advisors endorsed the development of a Data Warehouse to replace the aging online PAS. The new Data Warehouse will be released in 3rd quarter 2020

The Data Warehouse brings CII's performance assessment program into the Big Data era, setting the foundation for more projects and greater depth of detail that can be captured within projects.  

CII's Data Warehouse is hosted at the The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). TACC designs and operates some of the world's most powerful computing resources. The extraordinary resources of TACC are powering the data renaissance at CII and in our industry.  CII is able to leverage the hundreds of millions of dollars of IT investment at TACC for an unmatched (low) price for our members. Most importantly, these data cannot be sold. Precisely because CII is a not-for-profit headquartered at a leading public university, it is the very best place for your data to reside.

If you have any questions or would like to submit data to CII during this interim period, please contact Deborah DeGezelle, CII's Manager of Information Services and the lead for the development of the new Data Warehouse. 

Objectives of the new system incude the following:

  • Develop rich, data-centric picture of the built environment
  • Develop a modern industry project data platform that builds on CII’s 20+ years of project assessment experience
  • Transition existing customers to new platform
  • Support all of CII – CBAs, sectors, research teams
The DW will replace the legacy Performance Assessment System. 

Data Analytics CBA

The Data Analytics CBA will promote the use of the Data Warehouse (DW) both within CII membership and elsewhere, communicating to the broader CII community about data collection campaigns and other initiatives. It will serve as a resource for those who are seeking training and access to the system. It will provide support and assistance to those who seek to integrate with the DW via the automated data collection system. It will also provide a space for participants to collaborate and share stories of challenges and success. This CBA will coordinate activities with other CII groups (standing committees, sector committees, and CBAs) as appropriate.


CII's 10-10 Program is an online service and will continue to be available for participants, eventually merging into the PDW.  The 10-10 Program surveys by phase, with 10 leading indicators and 10 outcome measures. 

Deborah DeGezelle, Manager of Information Services
(512) 232-3060
Mike Pappas, Associate Director
(512) 232-3007
Zhe Yin, Graduate Research Assistant
(512) 232-3051
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