10-10 Metrics

The 10-10 metrics portal provides an important linkage with the CII Performance Assessment System. The purpose of the CII Performance Assessment System is to provide objective measurement of capital project execution.  The 10-10 system can provide ongoing project diagnostic information so that practitioners can identify problems and take corrective action to improve ongoing projects. What has been lacking from the system up to this point, is the identification of specific tools that are available to assist in that process, once the diagnosis is made.

In response, the 10-10 portal was designed to provide a drilldown of the most relevant tools to address the issues identified by the performance assessment 10-10 system. The 10-10 portal offers the opportunity to select one of 10 Performance input measures and cross filter them with the performance assessment project phases.  As categories are selected, a real-time indicator shows how many topic summaries are available that address issues for the selected criteria.

Once the results are narrowed down appropriately, the Topic Summaries with the best implementation tools, key findings, and key performance indicators are just a click away.

Check out the 10-10 Input Measures Glossary to see the metric descriptions.