Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Overview

Advanced Work Packaging is a better approach to managing and executing projects.

Advanced Work Packaging, a CII Best Practice, defines the overall process flow of all the detailed work packages (construction, engineering, and installation work packages). AWP is a planned, executable process that encompasses the work on an EPC project.

What People Are Saying about AWP


The annual conference has always been a great conference to come to. The new format is much more inviting, informative, and better for networking.

– DO, Bechtel Group, Inc.

This conference is phenomenal!

– JR, Wood

My involvement in CII Annual Conference has given me a broader perspective of lot of things. You can create a lot of relationship and network; you can find mentors and learn a lot of new process in the industry. You also expand knowledge by talking with people in different companies throughout the industries across owners, vendors, and contractors.

– CH, Burns & McDonnell

The CII Annual Conference is a unique platform for learning cutting-edge research findings that are applicable to the capital project industry.

– JQC, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

We are committed to keeping up with the latest technology and ensuring we try to implement best practices throughout our organization. That’s why we attend this conference.

– KD, General Motors

Excellent topics and even better speakers. Fun and engaging yet interesting and thought provoking. The overall value of this educational experience was high.

– Anonymous

This is where you meet the right people and make the right business connections in the industry.

– AS, InEight

When I want to be inspired about innovative topics in the capital projects industry, I attend the research session at the CII Annual Conference.


I have used CII work products and found them to be easily understood and pragmatic. This is the first CII conference I have attended and I find the research presentations very valuable.

– JP, ExxonMobil

Informative and engaging speakers and information.

– TJ, Andeavor

Learn about hot, current concerns. See how advanced construction people and researchers think and what they focus on and why. The conference is also a great forum to meet and network with people with interests like myself!

– S, Procter & Gamble

This conference is directly applicable to my daily work.

– TT, Fluor

The conference provokes stimulating ideas and new thoughts.

– PQ, Hawk Consultants

CII Annual Conference creates seed data on future initiatives for my department.

– GD, ExxonMobil

Making it a point to attend every year as part of our CII participation. I am also recruiting more company resources to attend the event.

– AC, SBM Offshore

Best way to learn about new research in the construction industry.

– VW, Andeavor

The presentations are applicable cutting-edge technology for productivity.

– JS, Eastman

Learning of common issues and challenges across the construction industry.

– JJ, Shell

The conference presentation are very applicable to where construction industry needs to go in terms of technology.

– Anonymous

Thank you for professionally putting all the elephants on the table. Courageous leadership coupled with compelling data is how we will swing this pendulum back. Great conference!

– Anonymous

Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement

The Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement (AWPCBA) shares knowledge of advanced work packaging principles, practices, and tools to enhance the performance of capital facilities projects. Interested CII members should contact the CBA Chairperson or Academic Advisor to join. To reveal contact information for members, log in to the website.