Advanced Work Packaging Research Virtual Summit

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a better approach to managing and executing projects.

Advanced Work Packaging, a CII Best Practice, defines the overall process flow of all the detailed work packages (construction, engineering, and installation work packages). AWP is a planned, executable process that encompasses the work on an EPC project.

AWP Research Virtual Summit

The AWP Research Virtual Summit featured the latest innovations in project performance from industry-led CII researchers.

The AWP Research Virtual Summit, an official Construction Industry Institute event, presented the new research findings, originally scheduled for the 2020 CII Annual Conference, but instead offered by CII and Group ASI via a global, online forum that was open to all members of industry (not just CII members).

The Summit was hosted on a virtual event platform that represented a huge savings over traditional conference attendance, and included the same high-quality content you expect from CII.

Five CII research teams presented their new research findings at the Summit:

RT-363 – Integrating the Supply Chain with AWP Practices

Materials can be the greatest cost on a project, and the effective flow of materials is vital for project success. Despite the importance of materials, projects commonly run into supply chain problems. RT-363 presents its recommendations to improve the supply chain in three areas: process improvements, supplier integration, and the digital supply chain.

These recommendations are framed in the context of AWP project execution but may also be implemented independently as part of effective project execution. Improving supply chain performance is seen to maximize the benefits of AWP programs – helping firms realize the potential of 25% improvements in productivity and 10% reduction in TIC that stems from the mature implementation of AWP. This presentation also makes practical recommendations for implementation.

Visit RT-363’s page in the CII Knowledge Base.

RT-364 – AWP-integrated Practices for Completions, Commissioning, and Startup

Past CII research developed best practices for Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Commissioning and Startup (CSU), but never integrated the two concepts. RT-364 extended AWP by adding a CSU swimlane and establishing the concept of the System Work Package (SWP). The team created visualization models for the new SWPs, developed SWP key roles and responsibilities, mapped the SWPs to Installation Work Packages (IWPs), and showed examples of proper SWP release. By integrating AWP with the real end in mind – making product – your AWP project will capture opportunity savings it previously would have lost.

Visit RT-364’s page in the CII Knowledge Base.

RT-365 – Promoting the Use of Advanced Work Packaging

AWP is a CII Best Practice that promotes a disciplined process to systematically align disciplines across the project life cycle. AWP has been shown to improve the project delivery process, yet many organizations choose not to use it or remain unaware of its potential. RT-365 developed strategies and tools to promote the use of AWP, and then concentrated these resources into its AWP Concierge. Learn how this new CII resource can drive AWP implementation at your operation.

Visit RT-365’s page in the CII Knowledge Base.

RT-TC-03 – AWP Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects

Information visibility can improve the implementation and tracking of AWP across the supply chain. The team presents an open-source digital library in an interactive web format containing the AWP “Digital Threads” specifications for supply chain visibility. The digital library includes a reference model of AWP data requirements for the supply chain and a Material Responsibility Matrix (MRM) tool, which clearly defines which parties are responsible for which tasks. The reference model provides guidelines and direction as to what data needs to be published from which entity of the MRM. As a communication platform, the interactive web format will increase the visibility of information for stakeholders across a project supply chain.

Visit RT-TC-03’s page in the CII Knowledge Base.

WG19-01 – AWP Data Requirements

Unified AWP data requirements among stakeholders will significantly benefit the construction industry in all sectors executing AWP on projects. In particular, the data requirements will serve as a critical reference as companies create contracts that include the data to support AWP. The team refined, reviewed, and published the AWP Data Requirements Implementation Guideline. It will give valuable background and other information that will steer an organization to successful use of AWP data requirements for project executions.

Visit WG19-01’s page in the CII Knowledge Base.


Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement

The Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement (AWPCBA) shares knowledge of advanced work packaging principles, practices, and tools to enhance the performance of capital facilities projects. Interested CII members should contact the CBA Chairperson or Academic Advisor to join. To reveal contact information for members, log in to the website.