Document Detail

Title: SP-PUI-01 - Regulatory Research Roadmap
Publication Date: 9/1/2019
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Reference
Pages: 39
Special publication surveys the regulatory landscape, summarizing the current state, describing a desired state, and proposing a research program that develops knowledge and tools to move the industry from the current state to the desired state.


Changes to regulation represent a significant risk and sometimes opportunities to capital projects, whether measured in the time and energy associated with tracking and anticipating such changes or the actual costs of compliance when unanticipated or miscalculated changes in regulations occur. Informally, there is a growing sense in the industry that we are collectively not analyzing and addressing such risks related to regulatory changes effectively.

Through the CII Power, Utilities, and Infrastructure (PUIC) Sector Committee’s research effort, including extensive literature review, field study, case study, and survey, Research Team PUI-01 (RT-PUI-01) explored many aspects of the conundrum. This document, as an evergreen research roadmap, outlines the current state of knowledge and proposes a plan for the CII PUIC to develop a research program that will further explore the underlying issues and ultimately develop knowledge and tools to help the industry more effectively address regulatory risks and opportunities.