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Title: IR252-2d - The Construction Productivity Handbook
Publication Date: 10/1/2013
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 148
Presents a compilation of research on means and methods for improving construction productivity, including studies on technological innovations, productivity improving processes and practices, and continuous improvement programs. Discusses the results of the five phases of the team's research effort.
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Over the course of five phases, the CII Construction Productivity Research Program investigated practices that are known to improve construction productivity, but for one reason or another, are rarely integrated on individual projects. The program explored volumes of research and bodies of knowledge about the factors that influence productivity, practices used on jobsites to control it, and challenges to accurately and consistently measuring it to provide useful industry metrics. Much like the construction industry itself, information about construction productivity is fragmented, existing in volumes of technical reports, academic journals, student theses, and assorted company handbooks.

This Construction Productivity Handbook makes a significant contribution to industry practice and the body of knowledge by synthesizing information about construction productivity into a single source. Although much of the material in this handbook originates from other sources, the handbook also presents the comprehensive body of new knowledge developed during the five phases of the CII Construction Productivity Research Program. This handbook is intended to be used in three ways: 1) as a reference for productivity experts, 2) as a guide to improving productivity for industry practitioners, and 3) as a construction productivity textbook in construction and engineering university programs.