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Title: RR272-11 - Enhanced Work Packaging: Design through Workface Execution
Publication Date: 9/1/2013
Product Type: Research Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 204
O'Brien, Leite, Meeks, The Univ. of Texas at Austin
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All projects employ work packaging to divide the project scope into manageable portions of work for planning and execution. Enhanced work packaging, however, provides an organized and structured approach to planning through the project lifecycle in order to provide the construction work face with everything they need to successfully execute their work. This approach leads to increased field productivity and project predictability in terms of cost and schedule. Construction Industry Institute (CII) Research Team (RT) 272 developed a lifecycle execution model that encompasses recommendations for implementing enhanced work packaging throughout the project lifecycle. The model provides work packaging steps and considerations for each project phase from project definition through construction to system turnover. The model was founded upon industry practices as recorded in literature, team experiences, and through case studies and expert interviews. These recommendations were validated in conjunction with the case studies and through expert review. When properly implemented, enhanced work packaging improves field productivity, cost and schedule predictability, safety performance, and reduced rework, amongst other benefits.