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Title: SR19-01 - AWP Data Requirements Implementation Guideline
Publication Date: 9/18/2020
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Tool
Pages: 137
CII members' experience showed the need for a guideline that laid out the data required to implement AWP. This book details the project framework and presents the AWP data requirements. The accompanying Excel file offers the same information for electronic applications.

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Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) has become a necessary best practice for stakeholders on capital projects. AWP facilitates a more productive and progressive construction project through the identification, categorization, and information sharing of work process flows. By standardizing the information-sharing process and components, capital project stakeholders are more transparent and proactively plan and adapt to the inherent challenges of construction projects. This information sharing fosters alignment across stakeholders who reduce risk on a capital project. 

Prior to the completion of this AWP Data Requirements Implementation Guideline, both CII’s Body of Knowledge and the construction industry at large lacked a vetted, comprehensive set of data requirements for AWP. To address this need, CII’s AWP Community for Business Advancement formed CII Working Group 19-01, AWP Data Requirements, to develop a comprehensive set of AWP data requirements for capital project stakeholders. 

In an attempt to maximize the extent to which these AWP data requirements were leveraged and implemented by the construction industry, the AWP Working Group invited several academics to join some of its members to create a project team. This project team refined, reviewed, and published this implementation guideline.

The project team intends for this guideline to accomplish several objectives:

  • To support efforts to implement the assembled AWP data requirements.
  • To encourage companies to standardize information flow for work processes on capital projects.
  • To serve as a critical reference as companies create contracts that include data to support AWP.