AWP + Lean: Exploring Opportunities

WG22-01 Topic Summary
WG22 01


Advanced Work Packaging and Lean.

CII’s AWP Community for Business Advancement formed Working Group 22-01 with objectives:

  • To support .
  • To encourage .
  • To serve .


Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : AWP and Lean Are Better Together

Working Group 22-01 discovered that AWP and Lean are better together (SR22-01a, in press).

Reference: (SR22-01a)

2 : Underlying Culture Is What Makes Both AWP and Lean Effective

While both Lean and AWP have tools, processes, and rigor, Working Group 22-01 determined that their underlying culture is what makes them both effective (SR22-01b, in press).

Reference: (SR22-01b)

Key Performance Indicators



AWP, Lean