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Title: SD-81 - Emerging Technologies for Concrete and Steel Construction
Publication Date: 10/2/1992
Product Type: Source Document
Status: Archived Reference
Pages: 258
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Johnston, Maini, Stout, North Carolina State Univ.
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Technology and its management is generally perceived as a way of gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. The declining cost effectiveness, and productivity of the U.S. construction industry is of great concern. It is believed that technological innovation is the single most important factor contributing to productivity growth. One of the main reasons for the slow pace in the development, and subsequent acceptance of new construction technology is the lack of information.

This research identifies various methodologies that can be used to collect and identify emerging technologies in the field of concrete and steel construction. Each of the methods investigated is regarded as beneficial in collecting information about technologies at various stages of development. Data on emerging technologies identified was prepared and presented in both written form in this report as well as conveyed for use in the Advanced Construction Technology System (ACTS) electronic database.