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Title: EM142-21 - Design for Maintainability - Instructor's Guide
Publication Date: 8/1/2002
Product Type: Education Module
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 0

Provides guidance on what Design for Maintainability is, what it can do, and what it cannot do. Outlines the specific means to improve a maintainability program and implement Design for Maintainability on the project level. This module includes Design for Maintainability practices, tools, and a model process that can be used to implement Design for Maintainability to enhance project processes, improve competitive position, and improve life cycle costs.

Education modules are not available for download from the Internet.

This publication contains:

  • PowerPoint® presentation files
  • RS142-1, Design for Maintainability: Improving Project Return on Investment
  • IR142-2, Design for Maintainability Guidebook
  • RR142-11, “A Model Process for Maintainability Implementation”
  • RR142-12, “State-of-Practice in Maintainability: Seven Case Studies”

Module Length: 8 hours


Maintainability is defined as an inherent characteristic of a system or product design pertaining to the ease, accuracy, safety and economy in the performance of maintenance action; a design parameter related to the ability to maintain. Full implementation of design for maintainability will improve project return on investment. It will help designers and contractors by illustrating methods of integrating maintainability knowledge into project design and construction.

Research conducted by the CII Design for Maintainability Research Team indicates that:

  • Maintainability is an emerging improvement trend in industry that is inconsistently applied.
  • When aligned with business and project goals, maintainability can enhance a project performance while lowering life cycle costs.
  • To properly implement maintainability, an organization must commit to maintainability and provide necessary resources, including necessary work-hours, early in the project process, preferably during pre-project planning.
  • The CII Model Process helps organizations initiate and improve design for maintainability programs.