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Title: SP-14 - Pilot Projects: Tools for Implementation
Publication Date: 11/1/1991
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Archived Tool
Pages: 16
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Describes the elements required to conduct a successful pilot project; emphasizes the need for senior management commitment and a team approach that will ensure success.
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Firms engaged in the highly competitive U.S. construction industry face an enormous challenge in the years ahead. The recent history of the industry shows that during the last 25 years, despite some advancement in equipment and material technology, overall construction productivity has declined. In fact, even after adjusting for inflation, construction productivity is approximately 80 percent of its 1965 level.

The research program of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) addresses the full scope of activities of owners, designers and constructors in the planning and execution of construction projects. The completed research projects and those currently underway have been identified by CII member companies as having major potential for improvement in productivity and cost effectiveness.

Several case studies of successful application of the concepts developed in the research have been reported to CII, with some being the subject of presentations during CII annual conferences. It is evident that the application of the concepts developed through CII research generates a significant payback to owners, designers and constructors. Many successful examples can be cited of CII member companies utilizing these concepts to improve quality, decrease schedule, reduce costs and thus “move the market.” A reference of recent pilot projects executed by CII member companies can be obtained from CII.

It is particularly important that CII concepts be disseminated effectively throughout the industry, and that these concepts be applied to projects in a planned, orderly way. This publication, a product of the CII Pilot Projects Action Team composed of industry professionals who have recently participated in pilot projects, can assist you in selecting a pilot project and provide guidelines that can help in achieving a successful implementation. The collective experience of the action team documents the key elements to pursue and the pitfalls to avoid in executing pilot projects.

Definition of a Pilot Project

A pilot project is defined by the action team as, “a controlled project implementing specific CII concepts to measure their value.”