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Title: AR-2006 - CII 2006 Annual Report
Publication Date: 7/1/2007
Product Type: Annual Report
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 16
Summarizes CII's key activities for 2006.
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Our theme for 2006 was, simply, to focus—an approach that in reality is quite difficult to accomplish. CII cannot be everything to everybody. This is one reason that I think our theme for this year was timely. My idea behind the theme is that if we focus on our strengths, which include our research and our membership, then we have great potential to add value to all that we do at CII.

Despite the technology that comes into play now, the landscape of what CII is doing has not undergone significant change since its establishment over 20 years ago. Technology and its obvious advantages make what we do more powerful. In fact, the tools that CII is now producing could drive huge changes in the industry, maybe 25 percent or more in savings compared to the three or four percent in improvements that are the reality now.

In 2006, we opened our membership to smaller companies, particularly those that have an abundance of talent, tools, and ideas that can come into play within CII. Coupled with the professionalism and experience of our current members, they give us new strength in several areas. We now have more members than ever before—104 and counting. I am grateful to each of you for this strong show of support for what we are doing at CII.

Among first-time initiatives this year was our CII Executive Leadership Program. The initial offering in January provided us with a wonderful opportunity to help nurture the leaders of tomorrow and to prepare them for the future. This three-week program, conducted in association with The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, shows all the signs of becoming a legacy for us and can ultimately improve our own organizations and our industry as well.

As 2006 came to a close, we learned that our Director since the fall of 2003, Hans VanWinkle, would be leaving us before year’s end. It was unfortunate for all of us to lose a leader of Hans’ caliber after such a short tenure. He took CII in new directions and his leadership will be missed. His departure, however, opened the door to a new era for CII with Wayne Crew now at the helm as CII Executive Director. Wayne becomes the first CII Director to not come from academia or the military. As director of CII research since 2004, he has transformed our research process, quickened the pace of the overall research effort, and produced stellar results in a revitalized CII program. We look forward to Wayne’s service as Executive Director and I personally wish him the best in all endeavors.

The next few pages highlight our accomplishments in 2006. It was my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your Chairman. I thank each one of you for your efforts to make CII a more focused organization.