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Title: AR-2007 - CII 2007 Annual Report
Publication Date: 7/1/2008
Product Type: Annual Report
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 16
Summarizes CII's key activities for 2007.
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The year of 2007 was a challenging – but perhaps the most exciting – year ever for the engineering and construction industry. Domestically, non-residential construction spending and job gains were up 16 percent and 8 percent, respectively. In other areas of the world, the industry is similarly strong. Against this backdrop of unprecedented global demand, CII members made significant contributions toward our mission: enhancing the business effectiveness and sustainability of the capital facility life cycle.

The Board of Advisors approved for funding nine new research projects, marking the largest research launch in CII history. Perhaps more significant, however, is the commitment CII made to a continuous, six-year research program focused on construction productivity. The end-target of this research program is to improve productivity by greater than 30 percent. This and first-time investigations of sustainability and nanotechnology that we began demonstrate the new and innovative ways that CII is approaching knowledge creation while maintaining its unique research position in the industry.

CII’s knowledge dissemination efforts broadened as well during 2007. The Professional Development Committee created a continuum to guide the development of a young engineer in becoming a competent project manager. In addition, we conducted our first web seminar on the topic of safety as well as created our first Community of Practice (COP), also on safety. Two other COPs were started on sustainability and globalization.

All of our programs, in fact, remain vital. This is possible because of our members, who continue to invest in CII. At year end, membership stood at 116, yet another record, and over 800 volunteers are improving themselves, their organizations, and the industry through their participation. The values envisioned by our founders are still intact and are producing exceptional results.

Finally, I am compelled to comment briefly about Virginia Tech. While CII was conducting its Board of Advisors Meeting in Dallas, in Blacksburg, Virginia, 32 students and faculty were tragically shot and killed on the Virginia Tech campus. CII began working immediately with Virginia Tech faculty to determine how to best contribute our resources to Virginia Tech’s recovery. CII and Virginia Tech faculty designed and offered in the fall semester a three credit-hour CII Best Practices graduate level class. There was no fanfare and no publicity. The volunteer lecturers, who came from many different CII organizations to donate their time and knowledge, simply went about the task quietly and efficiently while doing the right thing. Thank you to each member organization and participant who taught with me in that class.

I hope you enjoy looking back over 2007. It has been a fast-paced year and thanks to your hard work and dedication CII is not just contributing, we are leading.