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Title: AR-2011 - CII 2011 Annual Report
Publication Date: 3/1/2012
Product Type: Annual Report
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 24
Summarizes CII's key activities for 2011.
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With this final chance to address you as chairman, I would like to emphasize some of the new directions we focused on in 2011, since I believe they will make a difference for the better at CII for years to come.

First and foremost, CII staff and leadership worked closely to maintain a culture of fiscal diligence, recognizing that we must be flexible, quick to respond to changes, and committed to balancing expenses and revenues. In the face of unpredictable economic challenges, CII maintained its efficiency and its accountability to cost at all levels of the organization. I am pleased to report that CII did very well in 2011, having expanded the membership by 14 percent. I am even happier to say that, because of the passion and commitment of the Membership Committee, our membership continues to grow. Because this growth provides the capital to expand research and implement our strategic focus for the future, a larger CII membership means so much more than simply a longer list of members. It means growth and improvement for the industry, and a more stable economy, at home and abroad.

It is imperative that CII remain relevant to its members and to the industry. As we look at the current list of CII members, we see that many are globally engaged. To stay relevant, we must support and leverage that wealth of global experience for the collective good of our core mission. While there was a time when we understandably wanted to insulate CII from the rest of the world, we now must support and learn from the CII members who actively pursue and manage global businesses. We are currently completing a revision of the CII Strategic Plan, with particular strategic focus on globalization. In support of this effort, we have supported the development of the first global CII-modeled initiative; we now expect to see it launched in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

Another part of our strategic focus on relevance is to expand our perspective by including members of more diverse market sectors within CII. In the past, some of these sectors have been under-represented, or even ignored. Throughout 2011, we planned a conscious effort to create a more diverse membership profile. This expansion into other industry sectors will allow us to learn the best practices used in other sectors. It will also help us engage representatives from these other sectors in the CII model, which will have a positive impact on our research and benchmarking and metrics data. Such an expansion of our membership will expand our knowledge base and benefit all sectors.

A powerful example of a prime market segment is health care—one of the fastest-growing industries in America. Two of our newest members, the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense, along with our longtime member, Kaiser Permanente, will become key drivers of a CII-led effort to create a benchmarking model for health capital projects. As the health care benchmarking database grows, the more it can be leveraged to engage this growing market sector. This initiative not only helps our health care members, but it helps diversify our research, attracts new members, and broadens the perspectives of other CII members.

Another objective this past year has been a renewed effort to stay relevant by improving collaboration with other industry improvement organizations. Our alliances with Fiatech and CMAA are great examples of that renewed and expanded collaboration in action. We will not survive without seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to support our mission through active engagement with other like-minded groups. Because creating alliances and collaborating with others widens our perspective and leverages resources, it increases member value.

The last element of our push for renewed relevance is a heightened awareness that we are a member-driven organization. We need to continue to engage with and listen to the collective voice of our membership. We must understand what our members value most in their relationships with CII.

CII continues to offer its members a wealth of career development opportunities in the form of powerful and engaged committees, meaningful research teams, and diverse programs and that serve many elements of member organizations. CII’s combination of researched knowledge and opportunities for professional growth forms a solid foundation upon which we can build and renew our own organizations. By engaging, implementing, measuring, and staying disciplined to meet the challenge of CII membership, we will drive predictable outcomes in our respective businesses. Driving predictable outcomes in a dynamic global market continues to be our biggest industry challenge and, yet, it is CII’s greatest opportunity for achievement in the years ahead.

In closing, I would like to thank you all; it has been a wonderful experience to serve as your chairman this past year. CII is a remarkable collection of bright minds and energetic spirits—members who care deeply about the future of construction. I am proud and humbled to have had a chance to learn so much about who we are and to have had a hand in developing who we can become. Thank you!

Rick Haller