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Title: AR-2012 - CII 2012 Annual Report
Publication Date: 3/1/2013
Product Type: Annual Report
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 24
Summarizes CII's key activities for 2012.
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In my final opportunity to address you as chairperson, I would like to reflect on what we have accomplished in 2012, since I believe these efforts will make a positive impact on CII for years to come.

The following highlights the themes and key activities that we focused on in 2012 in an effort to advance CII’s mission:

Be Strategic – Early in 2012 we updated the Strategic Plan to ensure that CII maintains long-term relevance, given the industry’s changing operating environment. This effort resulted in the addition of three key strategies focused on globalization, diversification, and expanded performance assessment. Our committees in particular were challenged to update their missions, focus areas, and goals to incorporate these new strategies. I’m pleased to report that good progress is being made as we set these strategies into motion.

Be Communicative – Improving communication between CII and its members and between the various CII committees and teams has been an important goal. This past year, we strengthened the Strategic Communications Committee through increased member participation and expansion of CII resources. We also focused on improving collaboration between the committees, communities of practice, and research teams. These efforts have improved the overall quality of CII communications and enhanced integration among all CII committees.

Be Relevant – We have worked diligently to engage members to understand what is valued most in the relationship with CII. Your feedback has allowed us to implement an exciting slate of new research topics and activities that reflect your collective interests and needs and that respond to the changes and challenges within our industry.

Be Fiscally Diligent – Being good stewards of CII’s resources was an important goal for the leadership team. We operated efficiently, acted decisively, and performed well against our fiscal targets.

Be Member-driven – In addition to our efforts to maintain member engagement and leadership, we also focused on targeted recruiting as a way to strengthen our member base. These efforts have been very successful, as we’ve seen improvements both in terms of the size and quality of our membership.

I am proud of the accomplishments that were made during my year of service as your chairperson, and I would like to thank all of you for your support. It has been a wonderful experience to serve as your chairperson this past year. CII is a remarkable group of companies and individuals — members who care deeply about the future of construction and project management. I am honored to have had a chance to learn so much about the organization and to have helped shape where we are going. Finally, I want to encourage all our members to actively participate in CII research, implementation efforts, professional development, and benchmarking activities. Remember the old adage “the more you give, the more you get in return.” I have found this to be especially true with CII.

Thank you.
Glenn Doran
General Manager, Projects – Asia Pacific