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CII History


CII History publications provide a chronicle of CII’s origin, purpose, vision, mission, and the quantitative impact that implementation of CII research has made on the construction industry over the 10, 15, 25, and 30 year benchmarks in its history.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

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Research Publications

Building On 25 Years - CII-25

Publication Date: 08/2008 Type: General CII Report Pages: 24 Status: Supporting Product

An Assessment of the Impact of CII - SP97

Publication Date: 08/1998 Type: Special Publication Pages: 45 Status: Supporting Product

CII: The First Ten Years - SP37

Publication Date: 08/1993 Type: Special Publication Pages: 91 Status: Supporting Product

Presentations from CII Events

Plenary Session - 25 Years of Innovation in Construction

Publication Date: Presenter: Number of Slides: 21 Event Code: AC2008


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