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Title: AR-2019 - CII 2019 Annual Report
Publication Date: 4/1/2020
Product Type: Annual Report
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 13
Summarizes CII's key activities for 2019.
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Dear Valued CII Members:

Your Institute is providing unique and decisive leadership for the trying times our industry is facing. While CII accomplished much in 2019, the size and scale of the financial and managerial challenges that this industry will confront in the next few years compel us to do more. The opening rounds have already claimed several legendary firms, even amidst a robust and growing economy. This is not a time for complacency. Nor is it the time to delude ourselves into thinking the things that have made us successful to date will continue to do so. As a scholar of this business and its finances for 25 years, I’m absolutely sure of one thing: No individual or company will be immune to the extensive industry-wide transformation that must be made now and in the years ahead. Your Institute is prepared to lead this transformation with the innovative research, tools, and business and executive training these challenges demand.

CII will lead our industry precisely because of its distinctly different and uncommon approach. Unlike others, CII is not an industry association or a trade group. We don’t lobby or try to persuade anyone to produce or amend regulations. Rather, your Institute is the world-class research and development (R&D) center for the capital projects industry. As a not-for-profit headquartered at The University of Texas, we believe that “what starts here changes the world.” By any objective or quantitative measure, CII punches way above its weight – producing the research, practices and improvements our industry has depended on for 37 years. And, we’re just getting started.