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Title: SPC2008-3 - Recommendations for the CII Strategic Plan
Publication Date: 10/1/2008
Product Type: General CII Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 5
Based on findings discussed in the CII 2008 Emerging Trends & Blue Sky Report, the Strategic Planning Committee's Emerging Trends and Blue Sky teams make five recommendations on possible paths forward for CII.


Based on findings detailed in the CII 2008 Emerging Trends & Blue Sky Report, the Emerging Trends and Blue Sky teams of the SPC of CII make the following five recommendations. The recommendations are in light of information from both the Blue Sky team and the Emerging Trends team. The conclusions of the teams are based on information found from survey data; interviews with industry thought leaders; and literature from books, journal articles, magazines, and websites. CII is already addressing some of these issues with Communities of Practice and efforts by the Breakthrough Strategy Committee. However, the significance of following issues continues to increase and they are appropriate to add to CII’s strategic plan or have increased emphasis in the strategic plan.