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Title: STR-2015 - 2015 Strategic Plan
Publication Date: 11/1/2015
Product Type: General CII Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 18
The CII Strategic Plan provides operating principles and strategic direction to CII. Included in the plan are the vision, mission, guiding principles, and distinctive core competencies of CII as well as the strategic directions and strategies to guide CII activities.

The Strategic Plan provides operating principles and strategic direction to CII, and is intended as a guide for the planning and execution of all institute activities. The planning horizon is three to five years, and the plan is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains timely and accurate.


CII is an Organized Research Unit of the Cockrell School of Engineering (CSE) at The University of Texas at Austin. In response to recommendations of the Business Roundtable’s 1982 Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness Task Force, CSE, and industry came together to form the institute whose purpose is to improve the capital project outcomes (safety, cost, schedule, quality, and sustainability) through research and research-based initiatives.

CII members are leading Owner, Contractor, and Supplier organizations engaged in the planning, engineering, and construction of capital projects from both the private and public sectors. Member organizations contribute funds (CII does not receive funds from the university) and expertise for research that builds industry knowledge and identifies CII Best Practices. The implementation of these practices improves capital project outcomes and strengthens the industry. CII’s foundational processes – knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination, knowledge assessment, and knowledge management – are applicable to all sectors: industrial, commercial, institutional, and infrastructure segments of the global construction industry.

The institute stands alone as a model of successful industry-academic collaboration. Industry members guide and direct institute efforts appointing personnel to lead and participate on CII committees, communities of practice, and research teams. Leading academicians from The University of Texas at Austin, and other universities, are coupled with industry members to conduct the research and research-based activities of the institute. Member companies receive value, not just from the implementation of practical recommendations, but from their employees’ involvement in CII’s foundational knowledge processes. CII involvement enhances and expands these individual’s knowledge, competence, and professional relationships. The practical knowledge, industry perspective and wisdom gained by member companies and by member employees from CII participation results in personal, professional, and organizational capability that enhances the competitive position of member companies.

This strategic plan provides direction and operating principles. It is intended as a guide for planning and execution of institute activities. The planning horizon is three to five years. The plan is to be reviewed each year to ensure it remains timely and relevant. The Executive Committee and the Board of Advisors approve any revisions to the plan and oversee the formation of new committees, communities of practice and teams needed to lead and manage existing and new CII activities.