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Title: SP14-1 - Construction Work Force Recruitment Resources Guide
Publication Date: 7/1/1991
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Archived Tool
Pages: 24
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Offers guidelines on influencing young people to be a part of the construction work force of the future. Includes recruitment checklist, recruiter's guide, and recruitment resources across the U.S.
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The Construction Industry Institute (CII) has joined forces with the Construction Industry Workforce Foundation (CIWF) to address one of the construction industry’s greatest challenges for the future-providing an adequate supply of qualified workers for the construction industry. The purpose of this publication is to provide guidance to CII members and the CIWF in becoming the leaders of grassroots recruitment coalitions. This effort should dispel misconceptions about our industry and cause young people to see the construction industry as an excellent career opportunity, one that demands continuing education and training and offers prestige and a sense of accomplishment in return.

Construction Industry Institute

CII was founded by 24 charter members in 1983 based on a recommendation by the Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness Project (CICE), which was commissioned by The Business Roundtable to study the effectiveness of the United States construction industry. The CII mission is: “To improve the total quality and cost effectiveness of the construction industry, thereby strengthening the competitive position of American industry in the international marketplace.”

CII has grown steadily since 1983 and is now an important factor in the construction industry's effort to be more competitive. The member companies are committed to improving the industry from project conception to project completion. A major part of that commitment is the recruitment of a qualified construction work force now and in the future.

Construction Industry Workforce Foundation (CIWF)

The CIWF was officially organized in February 1990 to promote public interest in the development of an adequate supply of qualified workers for the construction industry. Created as a clear demonstration of industry cooperation to promote the public welfare, the CIWF brings together architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, construction owners, and unions. The CIWF is focusing on the following four educational areas to shape the construction industry’s response to the projected work force shortage:

  • Sponsoring education and research to encourage students at all academic levels to choose construction careers
  • Developing and disseminating needed materials, information, and programs, based on facts determined from research, to educate the future work force and the public about career opportunities in the construction field
  • Ensuring effective and appropriate education and training for new entrants or recruits
  • Increasing productivity through applied research, there by maximizing worker skills and resources.


CII and CIWF Partnership

CII and CIWF are bringing the construction industry’s full talent and commitment to the challenge of providing an adequate supply of qualified workers for the industry. The CII and CIWF encourage their members to organize community-based coalitions and councils to meet the needs of the country for an adequate construction industry work force. This guide is provided as a resource for those efforts.