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Title: SD-7 - Findings and Recommendations of a Survey of CII Member Company Data Needs
Publication Date: 5/1/1986
Product Type: Source Document
Status: Archived Reference
Pages: 28
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Construction Labor Research Council
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The lack of reliable statistical information to measure and evaluate the state of the construction industry has long been recognized. The situation can impede a company's efforts to properly plan, budget and control its construction projects and, therefore, reduce the probability of decisions being made in the most cost effective manner. The problem was highlighted by the CICE project of The Business Roundtable which found “a bizarre lack of accurate information” relating to the industry.

To identify the subjects with the greatest information deficiencies, the Data Task Force of the Construction Industry Institute undertook a review of construction information sources. A group of CII member companies were requested to evaluate the data used within their organizations and their priorities as to data which are needed, but not now available. This report contains the findings of a survey of member company data needs. The report will be used as the basis of establishing a CII Construction Industry Statistics Program which will assist in meeting company and industry information needs.

The survey sought to identify data needs, but served as a reminder of the high degree of risk that is inherent in the construction industry. To the extent that information can be used to reduce the level of risk and uncertainty, it is valuable to companies. Clearly, the greatest data needs tend to arise when a company is preparing for an upcoming project for which it has few past experiences, either by type of project or geographic area. The Construction Industry Institute can best assist its member companies in meeting their data needs in two broad areas:

  • Design and Implementation of a Local Area Data System – central access to a variety of data bases providing information on local factors which impact cost. The highest priorities are data identifying local craft wage rates and local craft labor availability.
  • Develop Construction Cost Indexes/Projections – a family of indexes provide the inputs for each company to construct company indexes and project future cost changes.

A prerequisite for successfully implementing a data program will be a strong foundation of preparation to establish broadly supported definitions, standards, and scope for all data terms and data bases.